Class 4 Career and Technical Certification Areas

Theatre Arts

An instructor endorsed in Theater Arts will have a working knowledge including all areas of stagecraft (lights sound sets costume and make up) and all phases of production implementation. Admission to IATSE as a member in good standing or USITT with a proven production record would be preferable. The candidate should have proven track experience on general crew calls or self-employment in productions and should have thorough training in general shop/Lab Safety & related Environmental issues pertaining to theater production and exhibit expertise in the majority of the following areas:

  • Specific Safety Practice – pertaining to theatrical production and procedures.
  • State and Local Fire Codes as pertaining to theatrical production and auditoriums.
  • Federal State and Local Electrical codes as pertaining to theatrical production (especially for lighting and set practical).
  • State and Local building codes as pertaining to set and construction and performer / audience safety.
  • Knowledge of Theatrical hierarchy and crew structure.
  • Blueprint / Plot / Plan reading.
  • Stage Carpentry / construction.
  • Technical Direction.
  • Working knowledge of crew work on sets, props, electrics, costumes, make up, and craft services.
  • Knowledge of Basic Electronic Circuits and troubleshooting as pertaining to lights sets and sound systems.
  • Set / Drop painting technique and paint procedures.
  • Basic cutting / stitching.
  • Basic make up design and implementation.
  • Crew position tasks and responsibilities.
  • Collaborative planning and execution of design tasks.
  • Proven design and implementation of Light, Set, Sound, costume and Make up designs.
  • Portfolio and Resume design and preparation specific to technical theater.

If you have at least 10,000 hours (5 years or more) of experience including all or most of the skills listed above please complete the Class 4 application.