Class 4 Career and Technical Certification Areas

Agriculture Business, Marketing, and Communications

  • Recordkeeping
  • Fiscal Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Service
  • International Agriculture
  • Ag Communications
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Food Production Chain (i.e. production to consumer)
  • Financing and Credit
  • Understanding Cost Analysis
  • Computer Functionality and Use
  • Understanding Futures, Options and Price Protection
  • Utilizing Non-Traditional Marketing (e.g. Internet, Farmer's Markets, Branded Products, Direct Distribution)
  • Utilizing Government Programs and Resources
  • American Agriculture Policy (e.g. Farm Bill)
  • Rural Economic Development
  • Principles of Advertising, Promotion and Sales
  • Business Communications and Job Application Proficiency
  • Successful Interviewing Techniques
  • Planning Marketing and Public Relations Campaigns
  • International Outreach and Communication
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Agricultural Agencies and Information Transfer

If you have at least 10,000 hours (5 years or more) of experience including all or most of the skills listed above please complete the Class 4 application.