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Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM)

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Deaf-Blind Education

  • Gail McGregor, Rural Institute on Disabilities, 406.243.2348
    University of Montana, 52 Corbin Hall, Missoula MT 59812

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  • Amy Friez, Response to Intervention (RTI) Coordinator 406.444.0923


Welcome to the Montana Office of Public Instruction's Resources web page. The OPI promotes communication and collaboration among parents, educators, students, community and other agencies. This site includes links, data, contacts and statistics to facilitate public access to information about the Office of Public Instruction and Montana's K-12 schools.

Distance Learning Registration
Providers of Distance, Online, and Technology Delivered Learning must register ONLINE.

Distance Learning Registered Providers

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OPI Fact Sheets

The following OPI programs receive state funding.OPI Facts

Recommended Computer Hardware and Software

Although you may successfully connect and enter data with older/different equipment and software, we recommend the following to make communicating with OPI as trouble free and secure as possible. You may want to pass this information to your technical staff, if available, to ensure each person's workstation is compatible with our systems.

Looking for a domain name for your school district ( Contact the University of Montana, Network services at DNS-REQUEST .

Minimum Recommended Computer Hardware

  • Apple Macintosh Power Macintosh G4, 500 MHz or greater
    80 GB hard drives
    OS X 10.5.4 (Leopard), OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard) or OS X 10.7.2 (Lion) operating system
  • Intel, 1 GHz or greater
    256 MB RAM, 512 MB RAM or higher recommended
    80 GB hard drives
    Microsoft Windows XP with service pack 2 or Windows 7 operating system

Internet Connectivity

A 256 KB DSL connection per connected machine. T1 or greater recommended.
While modem connectivity will work, users should expect significant delays in page loading and broken transmissions.

In addition to the usual internet ports for Web, FTP, Streaming, etc., you need to have Ports 8000 and 1935 open in order to use our Web file manager to download important documents, videos, and to participate in OPI Webinars .

If your district or school uses a Proxy server, Do Not cache pages from the OPI.MT.GOV domain. Many of our pages are dynamic and you may not get current information or have the ability to subscribe yourself to our list servers.

Web Browsers


Mozilla FireFox version 19.02 or greater
Safari version 6.03 or greater


Internet Explorer version 8.0 or greater. Version 9 or 10 with Windows 7 recommended.
Mozilla FireFox version 19.02 or greater
Safari version 5.1.7 or greater

PDF Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader or Standard version 7.1 or greater, Version 9 recommended.

Remote Database Access (IRIS)


Citrix Receiver version 11.7.2 or greater


Citrix Receiver version 12.3 or greater

Video, Audio, Webinar and Podcast Tools

Apple QuickTime version 7.6.6 or greater or any ISMA, ISO compliant MPEG-4 player

Used for viewing OPI and FWP's library of Video-On-Demand and live instructional videos utilizing MPEG-4 Streaming Video, Audio and OPI Radio

iTunes version 11.02 or greater

For subscribing to OPI and FWP PodCasts, and iTunes U.

Adobe Flash version 11.6 or greater for Web based seminars through Adobe Connect.

E-mail Clients

OPI and the State of Montana are relying on e-mail communication more and more. It's essential to have your firewall set to accept e-mail originating from the State of Montana domain, MT.GOV; this would include domains such as METNET.MT.GOV and OPI.MT.GOV.


FirstClass Desktop client (Free from METNET), version 11.063 or greater
Apple Mail client (built-in)
Microsoft Outlook version 14.13 or greater (part of the MS Office 2011 suite for Macintosh)


Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
Eudora version 6.2 or greater

If you are using Web Based e-mail such as Google Mail, Hotmail or Yahoo for your school's e-mail, it will not work with some of our applications because they are not MAPI compliant. In other words, applications from OPI cannot automatically launch an e-mail message to deliver data back to OPI, when needed.

We offer free e-mail accounts on the Montana Educational Telecommunications network (METNET). We have one-on-one telephone as well as online support, full contact management, calendaring, secure messaging, spam filtering and anti-virus protection. Messages can be retrieved while on the road with Web browser or Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Blackberry Access.
Contact the Internet Services Bureau at 444-1626 to set up accounts for your school personnel and get our free desktop e-mail client.

MACIE - Montana Advisory Council on Indian Education

The next Montana Advisory Council on Indian education meeting will be April 17, 2014, from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Downtown at the Park, 200 South Pattee, Missoula. Please let Joan Franke at or (406) 444-3694 know if you will be attending.

Agenda for April 17, 2014 meeting.

The Montana Advisory Council on Indian Education has been established by the Office of Public Instruction and the Board of Public Education to act in an advisory role to them in matters affecting the education of Indian students in Montana.

Montana Advisory Council on Indian Education shall advocate for greater cooperation among tribal, state and federal organizations, institutions, groups and agencies for the express purpose of promoting high-quality education and equal educational opportunity for Montana's Indian students.

MACIE Membership:
The composition of the council shall consist of members who are representative of Indian education in the state of Montana. The membership shall be selected in consultation with Indian education organizations, tribes and schools. Each reservation shall be invited to have one representative who is nominated by the Tribal Council.

MACIE Constitution
MACIE Members


Group Wiki

This page is desigend to share Mathematics Montana Common Core Standards and Assessments resources, articles and events.

Montana NEAP
This page is designed to share some of NAEP’s (Montana’s National Assessment of Educational Progress) extensive and very valuable resources in a convenient and user-friendly fashion. NAEP has resources for all subject types (e.g., arts, civics, economics, geography, mathematics, reading, science, U.S. history, writing and technology and engineering literacy (TEL)) and information on all assessment types. This page synthesizes these resources and helps you locate how and where you can acquire this information on your own.

Montana Teacher Librarian
Helps facilitate communication, to share best practices and resources among the state's teacher librarians.

OPI Title I Program
This is the location to get all of the up-to-the-minute details about the conference including hotel information, conference registration, details about the workshop, vendors, and
all things Title I.

Secondary Transition
Focuses on areas outside of IEP paperwork compliance. A place where users's can see secondary transition resources, web sites, and best practices that may be useful in assisting a student through secondary transition. It will be another area where you can find information on upcoming transition conferences and other events.

Science Education Central
Use the Science Education Central Wiki as you prepare for, plan, enact or learn about science instruction.

Tech Readiness Tool
The Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) will give Montana schools a convenient way to capture and report on indicators of their technology readiness for the Smarter Balanced Assessments. This open source tool will help the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI), work with schools and districts to ensure readiness when the online assessments are launched by the Smarter Balanced consortium.


Montana Autism Education Project
The Montana Autism Education Project (MAEP) is service of the OPI Division of Special Education. The MAEP provides training and technical assistance to Montana school districts educating students with autism. Information presented on this page is for information purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the Office of Public Instruction.

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