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School Staffing Project/TEAMS

Since 2010, OPI has made significant strides in developing Montana’s statewide longitudinal data system for K‐12 education. Our efforts are focused on making reliable data and timely information more readily accessible to educators and the public, with the goal of promoting successful outcomes for students in Montana’s K‐12 schools.

The School Staffing Project is an integral component of the K-12 Data System being developed in Montana. The project integrates with GEMS, Montana’s data warehouse for K‐12 education.

The School Staffing Project includes:
Montana State Educator Information System (MSEIS)
The new system was implemented in 2013: The system automates and improves many tasks related to licensing of educators. School district personnel will have greater electronic access to the educator licensure system, including a feature for school administrators to inform licensure staff when schools are trying to hire someone with a pending licensure application.

Assignment of School Employee Identifiers (SEIDs)
Montana school districts will begin reporting salary and benefit information for each school employee for the 2012‐13 school year. As part of the set‐up for this collection, districts will submit requests in TEAMS to generate unique identifiers for school district employees.

TEAMS ‐ Terms of Employment, Accreditation, and Master Schedule
These collections will fulfill a number of new and anticipated reporting requirements in addition to replacing the previous Annual Data Collection (ADC). In the Terms of Employment collection, districts will report information on the employment status of each employee of the district, including position code, FTE portion, base salary, employment start and end dates, total annual days and hours, Full‐time/Part‐time status, and permanent/temporary status. The Accreditation component will include questions regarding compliance with the Montana School Accreditation Standards.  The “Master Schedule” part of TEAMS includes the Teacher-Class data collection, which contains information on course catalog, and teaching assignments at the class level.

K‐12 Course Codes and Mapping Tool
Beginning in 2013-14, schools/districts will submit course information using new standardized K‐12 Course Codes and then link courses to the teachers assigned to these courses. As Montana continues to build its statewide longitudinal data system for P‐20 education, it is increasingly important to use a standardized system for reporting school programs and course offerings. A standardized code list will facilitate longitudinal information about students’ coursework and enable exchange of meaningful records as students transfer from one school to another, or to postsecondary education. OPI adapted the course coding system developed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

School Employee Salary and Benefit (“Compensation”) Information
Beginning in the fall of 2013, OPI will collect salary and benefit information for each school employee. Districts will upload or enter actual expenditure information, by employee (SEID), for salaries and benefits using a standard set of expenditure codes. The MAEFAIRS school finance data system will be used to collect this financial data.  

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In 2007, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) within the US Department of Education released the Secondary Course Classification System: School Codes for Exchange of Data. In 2011, the USED released the Prior-to-Secondary School Course Classification System.


TEAMSEverything you need in order to prepare for and complete the data collection process through the Terms of Employment, Accreditation and Master Schedule (TEAMS) system can be found here.

The following icons are used throughout this help page to aid organizations in quickly identifying information specific to them.

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Working with Multiple Roles in TEAMS


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 Endorsement Codes

Finding and Using Valid Course Codes

TEAMS only accepts NCES course codes that are approved by the OPI and valid in a given year. For assistance in determining which course codes are valid and appropriate for your courses, you can run the course codes report from TEAMS. Anyone can do this through the guest portal.

Go to the TEAMS login screen:

Click on the Guest Login button:

Click on Terms of Employment Accreditation and Master Schedule (TEAMS):

Click on Reports:

Click on Course Codes with Endorsements List:

Select the school year you are interested in and click on the Print to PDF button:

If you have questions or need further assistance, the OPI’s Accreditation Division can answer questions related to course codes; please contact Patty Muir,, for further assistance.

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