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Reports & Data:
Measurement and Accountability

The Measurement and Accountability division is responsible for the coordination of non-fiscal data collections to assure coordinated application of policy, appropriate interpretation of reporting requirements, comparability of data, and communication of data analysis to school districts, OPI management and staff, the legislature and the public.

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Enrollment Data


Montana Public School Fall Enrollment Booklets By School year

Fall Enrollment by Racial/Ethnic Origin (REO) By School Year

2005-06 | 2004-05 | 2003-04 | 2002-03 | 2001-02 | 2000-01

Nonpublic School Enrollment by County

Nonpublic School Enrollment by County 2000-01 through 2009-10

Montana OPI Reports and Data

Fall Downloadable Enrollment Data Files

School Year File Type
2005-06 Excel File Text File
2004-05 Excel File Text File
2003-04 Excel File Text File
2002-03 Excel File Text File
2001-02 Excel File Text File
2000-01 Excel File Text File

Montana OPI Reports and Data

Montana OPI

Facts About Montana Education

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