AIM Data Verification Guidance

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
By Sara Loewen

Quality data, like quality students, come from schools.  The quality of the data used in Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and other state and federal reporting depends upon the school data clerk, school secretary, counselor, principal, or other school staff who enter the data into a computer.  The intent of data entry and collection is to produce information that reflects reality - that lets us know what is actually happening in a school. 

Data verification is an important process at the district level.  Verifying the data allows the district to compare the data they have in their own Student Information System (or on file at the district level) and the data that has been entered into AIM.

Data verification should be done prior to the final due date for the Program Participation Collection - March 25, 2011.  Changes made to the data after April 29, 2011 will not be reflected in the district's AYP calculations.

Detailed instructions for using the tools in AIM to verify data can be found at this link: Quick Reference Guide for Program Participation Verification.  

Some important things to note:

  • Students enrolled on the Test Window Count date of March 15, 2011 make up the set of student data used in AYP calculations.
  • The OPI determines NSAY (Not in School Full Academic Year) and NDAY (Not in District Full Academic Year) based on enrollment start and enrollment end dates.
  • Enrollment end dates must be entered in AIM in a timely manner.  The voided barcode label form is a vehicle for you to account for students (and unused booklets) but does not end the enrollment record in AIM.
  • Once the district has received notice that the student is no longer attending; enter the enrollment end date as the last day the student was present.
    Students enrolled in AIM on March 15 that do not have a student answer booklet and are not on the voided bar code list will become automatic Novice and flagged as a nonparticipant.
  • Students tested at a lower grade than the is enrolled in AIM becomes automatic Novice and flagged as a nonparticipant.
  • Students marked as receiving non-standard accommodations should be identified in AIM as receiving special education services or have a 504 plan.
  • Nonstandard accommodations are available for students identified as having a disability IF the accommodation is specified in the student’s IEP or 504 Plan. Nonstandard accommodations can be available to LEP students after consultation with the OPI state assessment director (Judy Snow, 406-444-3656 or and the OPI bilingual specialist (Lynn Hinch, 406-444-3482 or
  • Additional information on accommodations:
  • AIM staff will run quality assurance checks throughout March and April to ensure valid and reliable data is submitted.  We will be contacting schools to resolve any discrepancies.
  • Click on this link for the 'AIMformation' presentation given at the 2011 Assessment Conference.  It provides additional guidance on data elements to check, how to access reports for data verification and important dates. 

Don't hesitate to contact the AIM Helpdesk at 1-877-424-6681 or 406-444-3800, or email with any questions or concerns.

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