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AIM Update - 2008 Release and Assessment Registration Collection


The Office of Public Instruction (OPI) will be releasing the 2008 version of its state student information system, AIM (Achievement in Montana), through its contractor Infinite Campus, on January 9, 2008. This new version contains district structure changes, new data elements and additional data validations, as well as changes to the file upload specifications.

The major changes include:

Changing the Infinite Campus District Number field, currently the district's Legal Entity (LE) code, to the OPI assigned School System (SS) code.
The LE code will now be referred to as the Reporting Entity (RE) number in AIM. Schools with two separate LE numbers for their elementary and high school districts will be able to use either login to access all schools in their system. Logins and passwords will not change.

Removing the standardized naming convention for file upload formats.
Files will no longer require the standard LE_MMDDYYYY.tsv format. File uploads will validate on the District Number in the file itself. Files need to have the .tsv extension.

Reformatting file upload formats.
All student information file uploads (with the exception of Student Demographic file upload) will start with the same 8 fields (Record Type, District Number, School Number, Calendar Number, Student's State ID, Student's Local ID, Last Name and First Name). All files will end with Year field.

Requiring use of leading zeros for district and school numbers in the file uploads.

The addition of new data fields to the Enrollment file upload.
These include No Show, Sort By, Diploma Date, Diploma Type, and Diploma Period.

The addition of new data fields to Program Participation file uploads.
These include Part B Early Intervening Services, Neglected and Delinquent Program, LEP English Proficiency Date and SES Services.

New file upload formats for Fall and Spring Attendance collections.
These also include the addition of Exclude ANB Field (a filler field in the Test Window Attendance format) for students absent 10 or more consecutive days on the count date.

New file upload format for Career and Technical Education.
This data will be collected in the Spring of 2008.

Addition of numerous validations to file upload formats and user interface screens to ensure data integrity.

New End Status codes.
These include the addition of new codes to record "grade level changes," "expulsions with option to return" and "unknown reason for leaving" for students in grades PK-6.

New grade level options KF and KH for students in kindergarten.
To aid tracking students in full-time vs. part-time kindergarten programs.

The new release of AIM corresponds with the Assessment Registration Collection, January 7 through 31, 2008. During this time, please update your new or exiting student enrollments, record all second semester grade level changes and update program participation data for all students. Data needs to be accurate as of the first day of the second semester. Failure to provide updated enrollment information by the end of January may result in erroneous or missing CRT test booklet labels.

With the new release, schools now have the option of entering test sort criteria in their enrollment file upload. The sort option allows schools an additional level of sort for their test booklet labels. You may enter the teacher's name, classroom number, team name, or any other identifier up to 15 characters in length.

The File Specifications version 2.0 can be found on the AIM web page at Your local student information system vendors have been notified of the changes. If you have questions about file specifications relative to your system, please contact your vendor directly.

Please direct questions regarding the AIM system to Sara Loewen at (406) 444-3494, (, Nicole Weissman at (406) 444-3495, (, Andy Boehm at (406) 444-0375 ( or Jim Oberembt at (406) 444-0714 (

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