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CTE Fall Collection


Thank you to all who participated in the AIM Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teleconference on Thursday, October 30th. We had great discussions and answered many of the district's questions about the entry of the Fall CTE Data.

One question we were unable to answer at the time of the conference, however, was about the requirements for contacting students. We have clarified those requirements:

District personnel must either contact the student or a family member to acquire the post-graduate status information. A friend of a friend of a friend…won't work.

Can you send a postcard? No. This has been tried in the past and didn't work well. The rate of return was too small, so the district ended up having to call every CTE Concentrator anyway – after they spend time and money on the postcards.

CTE Concentrators who were graduates in the 2007-2008 school year must be contacted (directly or via immediate family members), and have their Date Contacted and Post Grad Status entered into their 2007-2008 enrollment record. A quick reference guide will be available by Monday, November 3rd to assist with the data entry.

If you have additional questions about how to report the data in AIM, please email or call Nicole at 444-3495. Specific questions regarding the Career and Technical Education program should be directed to Diana Fiedler at 444-9019 or

Thank you!

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