I am not going to be able to complete my renewal requirements before August 31. What are my options now?

If you do not have the renewal units or credits necessary to renew your current license you may have a couple of options. If you have not previously held a Class 5 license you can apply for a Class 5 license which will give you three years to complete the requirements for reinstatement of your license. Along with the Class 5 reinstatement application you will need to submit another fingerprint background check. The Class 5 option is only available to you once during your career.

If you have 60 OPI renewal units but do not have the required college coursework you can apply for reinstatement of your license after June 30, 2015. To apply for reinstatement of your license you will need to send in the reinstatement application, a new fingerprint background check, and original OPI renewal unit certificates.