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Title I Part A

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Title I, Part B, Even Start

Title I Part C Migrant Education

Title I Part D Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk Youth

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Title I

Title I along with the rest of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was re authorized on January 8, 2002 by the No Child Left Behind Act, P. L. 107-110.

migrant educationTitle I Part C Montana Migrant Education Program

The Migrant Education Program is a national federally funded program that annually provides supplemental education and supportive services to thousands of eligible migrant children across the country so that they may overcome educational disruptions and disadvantages resulting from their parents’ or their own seasonal or temporary work in agriculture, fishing or timber-related employment.

The Migrant Education Program grew out of Title 1 of Public Law 89-10, passed in 1965, to assist all disadvantaged children. Since migrant children have specific needs, they require special help and services. Thus, the Migrant Education Program was established separately by an amendment to Title 1 in 1966.

The Goal of the Montana Migrant Education Program (MEP) is to provide leadership to the field regarding programs and services that promote academic excellence and equity for the migrant students of Montana. To achieve this goal, the Montana MEP strives to create conditions which empower educators working with migrant children to collaborate in designing programs which build upon student strengths, eliminate barriers, provide continuity of education, and produce levels of performance for migrant students that meet or exceed those of the general student population. Parental involvement is viewed as an essential part of the educational process, and home-school-community partnerships provide the support necessary to improve student achievement.

Forms and Documents

2016-17 MTMEP Year-Round Performance Report
2015-16 MTMEP Year-Round Performance Report
2014-15 MTMEP Year-Round Performance Report
2014-15 Enrollment Numbers
2013-14 MTMEP Year-Round Performance Report
2013-14 Enrollment Numbers
Data Needs Checklist for the 2014-15 Evaluation of the Montana Migrant Education Program
Health Data Entry Form (Parts I & II)
MT Certificate of Eligibility Process
MEP Certificate of Eligibility
MEP Measurable Program Outcomes (MPOs) and Accompanying Data
MEP Sub Granting Process
Montana Migrant Education Program Services Handbook
Student Needs Assessment
Out of School Youth Profile
Instructions for Out of School Youth Profile
Out of School Youth Services Plan
Program Success Story
Verification of Birth date Form
Elementary Student Withdrawal Form
Secondary Student Withdrawal Form
Staff Training Evaluation
Staff Meeting Evaluation

Student/Youth Survey
Parent Survey
Staff Survey
Needs Assessment Survey
Recruiter Survey