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Bully Free Montana!

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Students, Parents, Educators....

On July 1, 2013, a new rule in Montana’s Standards of Accreditation went into effect. The Student Protections Procedures rule requires schools to address bullying and threatening behavior in schools, on school buses, at school-sponsored activities, and online.

The Office of Public Instruction is providing resources for schools, parents, and students as we work at the state and local level to take on the challenge of bullying. Together, we will ensure that all Montana students have a safe and respectful learning environment.
This page contains resources for students, parents and schools, including:

  • Model policies and procedures for schools,
  • Montana’s Student Protections and Procedures accreditation rule
  • What you can do if you are being bullied,
  • How to respond to cyber-bullying,
  • Tips for parents, and
  • Links to state and national resources.

When we work together, we can make Montana bully-free.


Curriculum Development Guide
Teachers and Schools




Curriculum Development Guide
Students Resources



Curriculum Development Guide
Parents Resources