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MTSSMulti-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

MTSS is an integrated multi-tiered system of Instruction, assessment and intervention designed to meet the achievement and behavioral needs of all students.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports, MTSS, creates a structure for the delivery of high-quality instruction for all students and, when needed, additional supports and interventions varying in intensity. The resources on this website were developed through the efforts of 17 schools who participated in a five year grant for the development and implementation of an MTSS approach in Montana.

Reflections from the Cohort Schools:

  • “Five years ago, my staff felt that our weakest professional area revolved around data collection and data-based decision making.” Now, we believe that this is one of our strongest areas!” Sue Sweeney, Principal, Broadwater Elementary School, Helena, MT
  • “The OPI has worked hard to develop and utilize a training delivery model that allows educators to access the training in an interactive fashion …saving countless hours and dollars that can instead be used to benefit students.” Dan Rispens, Principal, East Valley Middle School, East Helena, MT
  • “Since the inception of Project REAL, several school in our district have joined the project. As a direct result, the Bozeman Public Schools have experienced a dramatic increase in multi-tiered systems of support.” Brian Ayers, Principal, Chief Joseph Middle School, Bozeman, MT
  • “In our transition to MTSS,…, we have been able to provide even more support through the collaborative process, thereby increasing access for students with disabilities into the general education curriculum.” Walt Chancy, Assistant Principal, Capital High School, Helena, MT

Initial Implementation

School is actively engaged in implementing and supporting MTSS

  • Montana Content Standards
  • Research Based Instructional Strategies
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Communication / Involvement with Parents
  • Data Determination to RtI at Tier 1
  • Implementation Fidelity Tier 1
  • Evidence Based Tier 2 Strategic Interventions
  • Implementation Fidelity at Tier 2 Strategic Interventions
  • Evidence Based Tier 3 Intensive Interventions
  • Implementation Fidelity at Tier 3 Intensive Interventions
  • Data Determination to RtI at Tier 2 and 3
  • Professional Development


Full Implementation

MTSS is fully operational and used with all students, and all of the other realities of “doing school” with MTSS are being managed

  • Relationship to Primary
  • Culturally & Linguistically Responsive
  • Student Outcomes




School/District ensures the continued use of effectiveness of MTSS implementation