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School Improvement Grants Initiative is a partnership between schools, communities and the Office of Public Instruction to improve Montana’s most struggling schools. In communities across Montana, parents, families and caregivers share the hope that their children will graduate from high school and be prepared to go on to college or enter the workforce. Montana Schools of Promise was established in 2009 to significantly improve the educational experience and outcomes for students attending SIG eligible schools.




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What is Montana's Schools of Promise?

All students deserve the chance to graduate and be prepared for college or to enter the workforce. Too many students leave our schools without the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

State Superintendent Denise Juneau has been instrumental in working with multiple agencies to bring this initiative to the students in our schools. With a onetime multiple million dollar funding from the Federal Government, we are able to provide more support from the state level than has ever been available.

Through the focus of raising student achievement scores, this grant opportunity will provide more teacher, staff and administration development. School board members and community can benefit from gaining knowledge of laws, policies and opportunities to build up the entire community. While the funding for this grant is only for three years, we hope that there is lasting change to build a bright and promising future for our students.


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Montana OPI

Montana OPI

Reports and Data

One of our core values is transparency and in this section we are providing the public with the information we are required to send to the federal government as part of a monitoring process in the efforts of improvement with the funding provided.

Title I Reports

Montana defines Persistently Lowest Achieving Schools as any Title I schools in improvement, corrective action, or restructuring that rank in the lowest five percent of those schools based on the percentage of students scoring At or Above Proficiency in Reading and Math using three years of assessment data.

SIG Principal and Teacher Evaluation Waiver

New Application for SY 2015-16 SIG Funds

SIG Application for SY 2014-15 Awards Competition

SIG Application for Funds for SY2011-2012

School Year 2011-2012 Eligible Schools

School Year 2010-2011 Eligible Schools

School Year 2013-14 SIG Applications

School Year 2011-12 SIG Applications

School Year 2010-2011 SIG Applications

Title I Reports









Whole Child

Every child, school, and community in Montana should be healthy, supported, challenged, welcoming, and safe. The Schools of Promise strives to ensure that goal is met through several initiatives and ideas.

Schools of Promise Expand to Communities of Promise

State - OPI Resources

Trauma Indian Education

Understanding and Treating Childhood Traumatic Stress "Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Schools" is a short power point presentation by OPI and the University of Montana's Institute for Educational Research and Service. The presentation summarizes the findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACE study, "one of the largest investigations ever conducted on the links between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being."

OPI renewal units available. Instructions found within the presentation. /Streamer/IndianEd/Trauma/

Altacare, a Comprehensive School and Community Treatment Program (CSCT)
Altacare is Montana’s leading provider of in-school mental health services. With Altacare, children and adolescents can receive intensive outpatient treatment while they attend school - causing little-to-no disruption to their normal lives.

Helping Traumatized Children Learn:
Supportive School Environments for Children Traumatized by Family Violence

This Report and Policy Agenda is compiled by the Massachusetts Advocates for Children: Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative in collaboration with The Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School and The Task Force on Children Affected by Domestic Violence.

MT DPHHS Children's Mental Health Bureau – Wraparound
Montana is implementing Wraparound Process facilitation by offering training to grow our own experts. The goal is to train trainers, as well as increase the number of Wraparound facilitators available in communities.

National Native Children's Trauma Center
The National Native Children’s Trauma Center (NNCTC) is the result of a cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) under the National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative. The Center is affiliated with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and is housed within The University of Montana’s Institute for Educational Research and Service (IERS) in Missoula, Montana.

Institute for Educational Research and Service (IERS)
Provids grant-funded training and technical assistance to P/K-16 schools and community agencies across the U.S., and with a particular focus on serving Montana, and American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

Montana Safe Schools Center
Provides training, research and professional development services to schools and communities across Montana and throughout the U.S.

"Intergenerational Trauma and Historical Grief in American Indians: A Review of Conceptualizations from Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart" by Melanie Ottenbacher.
This file reviews American Indian's historical trauma and grief research, in addition to coping strategies and solutions. (The file needs to be download as a pdf online from an administrator computer)


Montana OPI

The Montana Office of Public Instruction Schools of Promise Initiative has launched a school-based mental health model which will assist in improving the lives of youth in both school and community. The model, the Wraparound Process, is being implemented by wraparound facilitators in six tribal communities in Montana; Pryor, Lame Deer, Wyola, Frazer, Brockton and Hays/Lodge Pole. 

The Wraparound Process is a way to improve the lives of children with complex needs and their families by implementing a “theory of change.” It is not a program or a type of service. The process is used by communities to support children with complex needs and their families by developing individualized plans of care. The key characteristics of the process are that the plan is developed by a family centered team, is individualized based on the strengths and culture of the child and their family, and is needs rather than services driven.

Theory of Change:  Meeting the basic needs and strengthening the social networks of children with severe mental health challenges and their families while enhancing their belief that they can create a successful future, will result in good or at least improved lives. This will be further enhanced by integrating their services and supports into a single plan of action (

For more information please contact:
Stephanie Iron Shooter, Caring Schools Coordinator, 406.530.4364
Karla Two Two, SAMHSA SOC Project Assistant

MT OPI Schools of Promise Wraparound Facilitators:
Pryor - Crystal Rondeaux
Heart Butte – Victoria Augare
Lame Deer - Diane Spotted Elk
Wyola – Joy Buckley
Frazer – Christine “Tina” Jackson
Hays/Lodge Pole - Resa LaRoque
Brockton - Robin “Bobbie” Perry



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‘A huge leap of faith‚: Federal program designed to help lagging schools
Billings Gazette, June 6, 2010

State would handle funding for Schools of Promise effort
Billings Gazette, June 6, 2010

53 Montana teachers "take one"


National Indian Education Association Presentation, October 2013

Native American Student Advocacy Institute Presentation, September 2013

Presentation on School Boards
Stevie Schmitz, February 2012

Presentation on Year One
Mandy Smoker Broaddus, September 2011

Presentation on Youth and Community Voice
Mandy Smoker Broaddus and Deborah Halliday, May 2011

Presentation to the Crow Legislature
Mandy Smoker Broaddus and Donnie Wetzel Jr., January 2011

Rural School Turnaround Webinar
Northwest Regional Comprehensive Center, December 6, 2011







Montana OPI

Montana OPI

Montana OPI