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Frazer Hot Topics

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Frazer School

The Montana Schools of Promise – School Improvement Grants Initiative is a partnership between schools, communities and the Office of Public Instruction to improve Montana’s most struggling schools. In communities across Montana, parents, families and caregivers share the hope that their children will graduate from high school and be prepared to go on to college or enter the workforce.

Through a three-year grant from the US Department of Education, the OPI has launched an unprecedented collaboration with the schools, the communities that the schools serve, as well as with partners in state government, not-for profit and the University communities and across the nation. The OPI has hired staff to work with local schools and communities.

Frazer is in Valley County, Montana, United States. The population was 452 at the 2000 census.

Frazer Public Schools has a new Superintendent this school year. Larry Parker has had extensive experience in leading Native American Schools in other states. He has won various awards for school improvement and he looks forward to working with the students and staff at Frazer Public Schools

Action Plan/Timeline

Each School Improvement Grant district were required to organize a team of staff, administration, school board members and students to develop a plan of improvement using designated funds. The plan design is used across all 50 states, but each team develops their own specific needs and how they will work toward an increase in student achievement and graduation.

Schools of Promise, Montnan OPI


We know that it’s more than teachers or administrators that are involved in helping students succeed and become productive citizens. Parents, family members, neighbors and other community members are encouraged to support all the efforts to improve the lives of children in our towns. Please contact Frazer’s Community Liaison, James Deherrera on ways that you can help or have helped.
James Deherrera

Schools of Promise, Montnan OPI


Youth Contribution via…

  • School SOP Logo and/or look and feel contest for a prize possible (ipod or something)
  • Content Contributions (collect and get permission for content from students and give it to OPI Web to post or direct content contribution by students  - direct contribution would have to be approved by the Supt Office and would have to be moderated by someone in SOP)
  • If Direct Contribution is approved, you could use…
    • A Blog (easiest to moderate), SOP would manage, OPI Web can provide support/graphics
    • Form that posts to their school's site (would also have to be moderated, but could post to areas other than a blog, like the school home page – less secure however)
    • Training to use the above provided by OPI Web
    • Direct code contributions (ie via Dreamweaver/FTP) to the OPI site would not be allowed for security reasons
  • Success Stories/ What kids are doing/thinking now – collected and provided by SOP
  • Link to: Honor Yourself Poster Series
  • Interviews? (example kid interviews – bottom left -  on  Mississippi's Graduation Matters site
  • Link to: Montana OPI Graduation Matters Site (currently in development)