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Hays Lodge Pole Public SchoolsHays Lodge Pole Public Schools

The Montana Schools of Promise – School Improvement Grants Initiative is a partnership between schools, communities and the Office of Public Instruction to improve Montana’s most struggling schools. In communities across Montana, parents, families and caregivers share the hope that their children will graduate from high school and be prepared to go on to college or enter the workforce.

Hays/Lodge Pole School Website

Hays Lodge Pole Public Schools is located on the Fort Belknap Reservation and serves students Kindergarten through 8th grade at the Lodge Pole Elementary school in Lodge Pole, MT as well as 9-12 at Hays Lodge Pole High School in Hays, MT. The schools are located at the southern end of the reservation at the base of the Little Rocky Mountains. Fort Belknap is named after the former Secretary of War, William W. Belknap, who was later impeached for corruption. In 2012, the tribe designated range land to take care of a herd of pure-bred Bison, which had been previously extinguished due to early Federal Agents preference to raise cattle over the traditional tribal staple.Frazer, MT


Action Plan/Timeline


Each School Improvement Grant district was required to organize a team of staff, Hays Lodge Poleadministration, school board members and students to develop a plan of improvement using designated funds. The plan design is used across all 50 states, but each team develops their own specific needs and how they will work toward an increase in student achievement and graduation.

Each identified district created a team of teachers, administrators, school board members, parents and students to create a District Action Plan (DAP). Based on the Federal Guidelines, teams analyzed data and created plans of improvement unique to their district and schools.