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Online Professional Development

  • Understanding and Treating Childhood Traumatic Stress "Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Schools" is a short power point presentation by OPI and the University of Montana's Institute for Educational Research and Service. The presentation summarizes the findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACE study, "one of the largest investigations ever conducted on the links between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being."
    OPI renewal units available. Instructions found within the presentation
  • This on-line presentation provides a basic overview of Essential Understandings 1 and 2 - Diversity Issues in Indian Country. One OPI renewal unit is available for successful completion.
  • Essential Understanding Number 6, Online Presentation – The Office of Public Instruction has developed this web based professional development resource for educators who would like to increase their background knowledge regarding the implementation of Indian Education for All. This presentation focuses on Essential Understanding 6 – History from American Indian Perspectives.  The presentation is approximately one hour in length. Participants who would like to receive one OPI renewal unit must complete a brief quiz and submit it to OPI. Instructions are included at the end of the presentation. Framework Cover
  • The Framework: A Practical Guide for Montana Teachers and Administrators Implementing Indian Education for All.
    This presentation provides an overview of this valuable resource which serves as a bridge between theory and practice and also between the delivery of content and the development of skills. Video clips featuring Montana educators Dr. Tammy Elser and Superintendent Chris Stout (Seeley Lake), are included in the presentation.
    Full Interview Clips: Tammy Elser and Chris Stout
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