American Indian Heritage Day 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013
By Mike Jetty

The fourth Friday of September was designated by the 1997 Legislature as American Indian Heritage Day, in recognition of Montana’s constitutional commitment to preserve the cultural integrity of American Indians. The definition of a quality education in Montana includes specific language for the integration of Indian Education for All throughout the curriculum. MCA 20-9-309.

Activities that celebrate American Indian Heritage Day can create sustained interest in learning about the distinct and unique cultural heritage of American Indians, setting the tone and creating connections for a year of integrating Indian Education for All.
Spark interest with these activities…
  • Display information about Montana tribes – tribal specific posters, maps, and books.
  • View new IEFA on-line video projects that highlight Art, Music, Poetry and History.
  • Highlight Montana tribal histories including the recently completed Little Shell Tribal History.
  • Learn the names of all Montana reservations, tribes that live on them and languages spoken there. Research how names of the tribes are spoken in their own language.
  • Explore nearby Montana Indian cultural and historical sites and community museums.
  • Invite cultural resource experts from Montana’s tribal nations to visit.
  • Display OPI Indian Education for All curriculum materials sent to school libraries.
CREATE an exhibit of samples of your school’s past IEFA classroom work, aligned with the Essential Understandings. Include student work from any content area – (photos of special projects, essays, poetry, primary source documents studied, school trips, special guests, etc.)

Through the study of Montana Indian cultures and peoples, all students become more self-aware of their own cultures and develop a reference point to support greater understanding of others.

lessons for most content areas and grade levels:

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