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Montana DRIVE Workshops - Advanced Driver Education MT D.R.I.V.E

Adults and teens can develop skills to respond safely to driving risks with Montana Driver In-Vehicle Education, on track in Lewistown, Montana since 1979.

Registration for the 2014 Montana DRIVE Summer Workshops is now open. Visit the registration page to view the workshop calendar, select a date and register. If you want Montana DRIVE e-mail updates, sign up for the Montana DRIVE e-Newsletter.  

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You Can Take This Course

You Can Take this CourseIf you drive a car, truck, ambulance, or bus, you can take this course. Any and all drivers can gain confidence and skill after completing a Montana DRIVE behind-the-wheel advanced driving workshop. Special teen workshops are offered in July.  Learn and practice techniques for handling critical and emergency driving. Our experienced and professional instructors stay with you in each vehicle. Montana DRIVE workshops are scheduled in Lewistown during June, July and August.

What is the Montana DRIVE Workshop?

busThe one-day Montana DRIVE Workshop starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp with an essential one-hour classroom introduction. Behind-the-wheel training makes up the next 5-6 hours on the closed track. The workshop closes with a recap in the classroom at the end of the day and ends by 6:00 p.m.  Each one-day workshop trains up to 12 drivers with 4 instructors working with small groups. The adult workshop is $315.

Teen workshops are $280 ($200 scholarships are available upon application). Payment in full is required for reservation confirmation.   

Discounts Might Be Available

* Check with your insurance agent about discounts for successfully completing a Montana DR.I.V.E. training workshop. Auto insurance discounts for drivers age 55 or older are available.


Registration is now open for the 2014 summer workshops. All workshop participants must register and payment is due within 30 days of invoicing. We are limited to 12 participants per day and most days fill up quickly. To get your preferred date, please register early.

The workshop fee is $315 for a full-day adult workshop. If you register by March 5, you will receive a $10 early registration discount per participant.

If you want Montana DRIVE e-mail updates, sign up for the Montana DRIVE e-News.

MT DRIVE Calendar

Download 2014 Workshop Schedule

Visit the Teen Workshops page for cost, schedule and State Farm scholarship information.

State Farm Scholarship Application

How to Register for a Workshop

Complete the Corporate Registration Form if the workshop is being paid by an employer or someone other than the participant.  Use the Individual Registration Form if you are attending the workshop and are responsible for payment.

When you know your workshop dates and the number of drivers attending, you can register by phone, email, fax, or US mail. Complete either the Corporate Registration Form or the Individual Registration Form or send the following via email:

  • Billing contact name, company or organization name, address, phone and email address.
  • Preferred method of payment (payment enclosed or bill me)
  • Workshop dates (preferred and alternate)
  • Preferred method of communication for invoicing and confirmations: email or US Mail
  • Names of participant(s), if known*
  • Number of participants

BY MAIL OR FAX:  Send your completed registration form and we will bill you.  Mail to OPI-Montana DRIVE (see address below) or fax to 406.444.2955.

BY E-MAIL: If you want to register via e-mail, provide all the required information listed above and e-mail to We will reserve the workshop date and bill you for the amount due (payable within 30 days).

State of Montana employees: Please include the name, phone and email address of your agency’s billing contact so we can arrange interagency payment.


Prepare for your workshop

  • To reserve your workshop date, send a purchase order or payment by check along with the registration form to:
    • OPI - Montana DRIVE
      PO Box 202501
      Helena, MT 59620-2501
  • Your workshop is not confirmed until it is paid in full.
  • Make lodging arrangements in Lewistown, Montana
  • Bring a lunch
  • Arrive at 7:45 a.m. to check-in. The workshop begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp.

Montana DRIVE

Registration and Refund Policy

Payment in full is required for reservation confirmation. Notify our office as soon as possible if you need to cancel or send a substitute.

Refunds are available as follows:

  • 90% Refund with 20 or more days advance notice;
  • 50% Refund with 10-19 days advance notice;
  • Less than 10 days—No refund, but you can send a substitute with prior notice

Vehicle Exercises

Directional Motion Control
motion control Strengthen risk managing behaviors through proper visual skills, use of steering, and throttle control while driving through a series of cones.

Evasive Steering
Evasive Steering Acquire the savvy to avoid a crash by steering around an object in a shorter distance than would be possible by trying to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Controlled Braking
Controlled Braking Develop the ability to achieve maximum braking while still maintaining vehicle directional control.

Skid Control
bus skid Experience how vision and targeting can quickly manage a skid and regain control.

Off-Road Recovery
Off-Road Recovery Learn techniques for safely returning to the roadway after running off the edge of the pavement.

Cornering Manage the risk dynamics of cornering through good vision and proper lane placement, braking, steering, and acceleration.


Montana DRIVE Teen Workshops

Three days in July are reserved for teen-only workshops that can accommodate 12 drivers per day.  Five, instead of four, instructors provide expert instruction with a special teen driver curriculum.  Teens drive only the sedans and skid car. It is suggested that teens enrolling in the Montana DRIVE Workshop have about six months driving experience. They can drive with their learner’s permit/license or their restricted driver license. We encourage teens to take the workshop with a friend. 

In 2014, the teen workshops are scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).  Registration will open in early February. Space will be limited and we encourage early registration. Follow the instructions below to register for a workshop and apply for a State Farm scholarship.

We are pleased to announce that State Farm Insurance has renewed its annual grant to make $200 scholarships available to qualifying teen drivers.  To apply for a 2014 scholarship that reduces the teen workshops to $80, the teen driver must complete the scholarship application and submit it to Montana DRIVE at the Montana Office of Public Instruction. The scholarship application is the teen workshop registration form and should be accompanied by a deposit of $80 to hold the reservation. Checks should be made payable to: OPI-Montana DRIVE Teen Workshop.

Download the 2014 application/registration form.

The Teen Driver application/registration form can be faxed to (406) 444-2955, scanned and emailed to, or mailed to the address shown. We can bill you for the deposit, but please remember that payment is required to confirm the registration.

To receive important updates about the Montana DRIVE Workshops, please sign up for our Montana DRIVE e-Newsletter.

skid carWhy should you take this workshop? 

  • Invest a day in learning how to prevent or regain control in a skid, how to avoid a crash, and how to safely recover when a wheel drops off the edge of the road.
  • Reduce risk with advanced behind-the-wheel training.  Experience how vision and targeting can prevent or quickly manage a skid.
  • Develop skills to keep your vehicle in balance and respond safely to driving risks.
  • Professional traffic education instructors with years of experience working with teens give hours of one-on-one instruction, encouragement, and practice time.
For more information, call 406.444.4432.

Click map for larger image. Our advanced driver summer training program began in 1979 in beautiful Lewistown, Montana. The track is surrounded by seven mountain ranges.

The Montana DR.I.V.E. Facility is adjacent to the Fergus County Airport. 

The driving track is built on runways constructed for training bomber pilots during World War II. The driving track was completely resurfaced in 2004.

Lewistown, Montana Lodging and Camping Facilities

Super 8
102 Wendell

Yogo Inn
211 E Main

Montana DRIVE

B&B Motel
520 E Main

Duvall Inn
Bed and Breakfast

Montana DRIVE

Mountain Acres Campground
103 Rocklyn

The Calvert Hotel
216 7th Ave. South
(406) 535-5411
(877) 371-5411

Montana DRIVE

For other lodging options and links to websites, visit the Montana Official State Travel Site

Personal Preparation - What to Bring?

  • Yourself, rested, alert, and on time. Please arrive by 7:45 a.m. for check-in. Workshop starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp.
    If you are taking the One-Day Workshop, you will only have 30 minutes for a lunch break and you will not have time to leave the facility for lunch. Water and a microwave oven are available free at the facility—soft drinks for a nominal fee. You do not need to bring a lunch if you are taking the half-day refresher.
  • Make Your Own Overnight Accommodations
    For more information, refer to the lodging and camping facilities listed above. If you must travel more than one hour to arrive in Lewistown, it is recommended that you stay overnight.
  • Dress Casual and Wear Comfortable Clothes and Good Shoes
    You will be spending a lot of time in and out of a variety of motor vehicles. Sandals and flip-flops are discouraged because of safety reasons.
  • Do Not Bring Dependents or Pets
    You will not have time to care for them properly, and your personal vehicle is not an appropriate place for them to spend the day.

Professional Development Credits

Some professions recognize this workshop toward professional development requirements. Consult with your profession’s state office to verify if they will credit this workshop.

  • Renewal Units:
    Montana teachers can obtain ten renewal units for licensure renewal upon successful completion of the One-Day Workshop.
  • College Credit: One semester of graduate or undergraduate credit can be earned through Montana State University—Northern. 

Please indicate your wish for credit when you register.  In addition to the One-Day Workshop, those requesting credit must also return a second day, student teach an exercise, and write and submit a short paper.

Employer & Participant Testimonials


  • The class was awesome!!!! Really, I can't say enough about it. We had Bruce, Jeff, Kathleen, and Dave as our teachers, and they rocked!They had us doing things we didn't think we were capable of. It was such a great use of our time and will help in all driving situations. Paige - State of Montana

  • I really improved my skills. The instructors were just AWESOME, patient, dedicated and FUN!!! It was great to watch our bus drivers gain more confidence in their driving skills. I know some were really nervous about coming, but in the end they learned and had fun doing it. Kathy – Wyoming School Bus Driver

  • Missoula County Road Department drivers have taken your one day training and I have heard great response from them.In fact, we had an incident last winter where a car ran a stop sign directly in front of our snow plow and our driver said that the only way he avoided a serious collision was because of the training he received from your course....Thank you! Doug - Manager

  • I just got back from taking the DR.I.V.E. workshop. Wow, the class is really outstanding! The combination of classroom time and drive experience in the different cars is excellent. I was really impressed with all of the instructors, they did a great job! I’m recommending the course to several people. Jason – Work Safe MT

  • I encountered a deer on the dark interstate near Drummond while driving my family home from the ocean. I had less than one second to crash or steer around the deer and back onto the interstate. My Montana DRIVE training gave me the skill to prevent a rollover and keep my family safe on their long journey home. My wife woke when the car jolted around the deer and asked what happened. I said "You don't want to know" The deer was still standing on the highway. Doug – Livingston, MT

  • I have sent our data collectors to your one-day class every year for the past nine years and it's well-worth the time and money. Last year one of our data collectors slightly over-controlled on a curvy, bumpy, gravel road full of wash-board ridges. Your training helped him maintain control while negotiating a curve. I am thankful neither of our employees was hurt in what could have been a major accident. Thanks again for a great training program. Marlin – MDT

Mission and Objectives of the Workshops

Montana D.R.I.V.E.

The mission of the Montana DR.I.V.E. program is to enhance driver risk management through in-vehicle training and education services to schools, governments, businesses and the general public. The workshops contribute to this by:

  1. increasing the participant’s awareness of driving risks;
  2. identifying driver and vehicle limitations;
  3. providing practice in driving behaviors that anticipate and manage risks;
  4. providing confidence-building opportunities to successfully manage critical situations; and
  5. encouraging and practicing "everytime" use of occupant protection measures.

Montana DR.I.V.E. Workshop Frequently Asked QuestionsMontana D.R.I.V.E.

  1. Where are the workshops located?
    The Montana DR.I.V.E. track is three miles west of Lewistown, Montana off Cottonwood Creek Road near the Lewistown Raceway. Turn at the Raceway Arrow near the red barn. The track is 100 miles east of Great Falls and 127 miles from Billings. Map to Facility - Google Map
  2. When are the summer workshops?
    The Montana DRIVE workshops are scheduled Monday through Saturday from early June to mid-August. Saturday dates are limited. Check the schedule for availability and register early since workshops fill quickly. To be notified when registration opens, subscribe to the Montana DRIVE e-Newsletter.
  3. What are the hours?
    One-day workshops are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Check-in at the facility at 7:45 a.m. The workshop starts promptly at 8:00 a.m.
  4. Do I need to bring a lunch?
    Participants need to bring their own lunch. There is a half hour lunch break, but it's not enough time to get into town and back. A refrigerator, water and a microwave oven are available at the facility and soft drinks for a nominal fee.
  5. How much time is spent driving?
    Montana DRIVE classes are 7 – 8 hours in length. Two hours are dedicated to classroom instruction and five or more hours are spent practicing how to control critical driving situations with various vehicles.
  6. Do insurance companies offer discounts for successfully completing Montana DRIVE training?
    Check with your auto insurance agent. Auto insurance discounts for drivers age 55 or older are available.
  7. Do you provide the vehicles?
    Yes. The Montana DRIVE fleet has a variety of vehicles, including sedans, school busses, an SUV, ambulance, and a fire truck.
  8. What kind of training do you offer?
    Montana DRIVE Workshops put drivers behind the wheel to develop skills to respond safely to critical driving risks. Participants include new and experienced bus drivers, truck drivers, firefighters, EMS, fleet drivers and anyone who drives cars, vans and pick–up trucks. There are workshops designed specifically for teen drivers. The in-vehicle exercises are based on the kind of situations that cause the most types of crashes in Montana. These include off-road recovery, cornering, controlled emergency braking, evasive steering, skid control, and an exercise in a specially equipped Skid-Monster vehicle that combines vision, targeting, braking/accelerating transition and vehicle balance.
  9. Do the instructors ride in the car?
    Instructors always ride with workshop participants to demonstrate maneuvers, guide instruction, observe driver actions, and to provide immediate feedback to enhance the intensive learning experience.
  10. What is the student-teacher ratio?
    Classes are limited to 12 participants with four instructors. There is one driving coach for every three participants.  The teen workshops have one extra teacher for more individualized instruction.
  11. What is required to attend a Montana DRIVE workshop?
    All drivers must have a valid driver’s license (teens can take the workshop if they have their learner license), a paid workshop reservation, and a desire to develop skills to respond safely to driving risks. Wear comfortable shoes (no open sandals or flip-flops), bring a lunch, and arrive on time ready to learn and have fun!
  12. May I reserve a spot now and pay later?
    Yes, but you will be invoiced and full payment is required to confirm your registration.  Larger groups may register early to reserve dates as long as the invoice is paid within 30 days. Drivers’ names must be provided two weeks prior to the workshop, so rosters can be prepared and the instructors know who is attending the workshop.
  13. What if my plans change and I can't come?
    We must be notified as soon as possible if you need to cancel, reschedule or want to send a substitute. Contact us by e-mail (Montana or telephone: 406.444.4432. Workshop space is limited. Refunds are available as follows:
    20 or more days advance notice: 90% refund
    10-19 days advance notice: 50% refund
    Less than 10 days advance notice: No refund, however you can send a substitute with prior notification.
  14. Can my teen driver attend if he/she is 15 years old and has an instruction permit?
    Yes. Our professional instructors guide teen drivers through off-road recovery, skid control and evasive maneuvers. Teens receive an individualized report evaluating ten specific driving skills with practice recommendations. Teen one-day workshops are designed for teens who have at least six months driving experience. Teen workshops help young drivers develop skills to handle critical and emergency driving situations which cause the most types of crashes in Montana. Teen Workshops
  15. Where can I stay in Lewistown?
    If you must travel more than one hour to arrive in Lewistown, we recommend that you stay overnight. Arrange your own accommodations.  For more information, refer to the lodging and camping facilities at the Montana Official Travel Web site
  16. Are discounts offered to groups?
    No. There are no group discounts offered to keep fees as low as possible for everyone. Montana DRIVE is a state government-run, nonprofit, user-supported program providing services to schools, state agencies, companies, and individuals for the benefit of public safety.
  17. What is the history of the Montana DRIVE program?
    The driving track was built on airport runways constructed in 1939 for training B-17 Flying Fortress pilots and crew during World War II. In 2004, the track was improved and resurfaced. More than 13,000 drivers have been trained in Lewistown since the Office of Public Instruction Advanced Driver Training Program began during the summer of 1979.