Montana Office of Public Instruction Internet Privacy and Security Statements

Updated April 28, 2017

This website is governed by the State of Montana Internet Privacy and Security Policy

“The Montana Office of Public Instruction respects each individual website user's right to privacy.  Any personal information that is collected will not be disclosed to any third party except as required by applicable law, unless the website user has expressly permitted the disclosure or "opted in" to allow the disclosure.”

Analytics Service Statement

The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) uses Clicky Analytics Service to analyze web traffic on its websites.  Neither the OPI nor Clicky Analytics Service collect any personally identifiable information through the use this service.

Information collected by the Clicky Analytics Service:

Clicky uses cookies to collect anonymous web traffic data, which the OPI uses to improve our online services, information and user experience.  Users may block the collection of their anonymous web traffic, however it may result in a degraded experience when using this website.

When a visitor views a page on this website with the tracking code installed, the following data is sent to Clicky tracking servers and logged to the OPI’s account:

There are also up to ten (10) unique "first party" cookies and one (1) "third party" cookie that the Clicky Service will install on a web browser when a visitor views this site with the tracking code ("Code") installed. 

More detailed information regarding the Clicky Analytics service can be found here.