The 2013 Legislative Session

The OPI is preparing for the legislative session that will convene on January 7, 2013. In order to ensure that every student in Montana graduates from high school with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college and the workforce, our state must invest in public education. The Graduation Matters legislative agenda includes:

  • Senate Bill 13 - Raises the legal dropout age to 18 or upon graduation
    The legal dropout age has not changed in 90 years. In today's changing economy, a high school diploma is essential for economic success
  • Senate Bill 14 - Provides ANB funding for 19 year olds
    Some students need an extra year to finish high school; however, schools do not receive any funding for educating these students
  • House Bill 85 - Expands access to dual enrollment
    High school students who take college-level courses are more likely to graduate from high school, enter college, and stay in college. The credits earned are transferable to any Montana public institution or higher education.
  • House Bill 86 - Invests in Career and Technical Education (CTE)
    Investing in Career and Technical Education (CTE): Students who take three or more CTE courses have a graduation rate of 96.2 percent and those who participate in CTE student organizations gain experience and skills to success in careers and higher education
  • House Bill 2 - Includes increased funding for Montana Digital Academy
    Students in rural Montana now have access to classes that have never before been available and students who lack the credits to graduate can take credit recovery courses online. Montana Digital Academy currently has over 5,000 enrollments a year. The enrollments are expected to double by 2015.

For more information, contact Terry Kendrick, 406-444-3449