Office of the Superintendent

I Pledge to Graduate: Nearly 4,000 students have taken the pledge

Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 4:33 pm

Across the state students have identified why it's important for them to graduate high school and asked a school staff or family member to witness their pledge and support their best efforts to graduate.

I Pledge to Graduate (IPtG) events have been organized by school staff, students and community members as an initiative that supports Graduation Matters Montana and the goal of cutting the drop out rate in half. IPtG events have been held in school gyms, cafeterias and hallways in schools across the state from Ekalaka to Great Falls to Belgrade and further east to Miles City. Students can also take the pledge online:

Students reasons for graduating are no surprise:
Because I want a good education and a better job.
So I can go to college and be a doctor/veterinarian/nurse/teacher.
So I can say I accomplished something.
To make my parents/family/grandma proud.

With the new school year upon us, teachers and students are ready to rally for success and an I Pledge to Graduate event is easy and the pledge cards, wrist bands and posters are available by contacting the Office of Public Instruction.

For more information, contact Thea Delamater, 444-5643