Office of the Superintendent

I Pledge to Graduate Picks Up Steam with I-pod Touches as Incentives

Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 4:07 pm

Superintendent Juneau, in partnership with local school districts and the GMM Student Advisory Board, launched "I Pledge to Graduate" this fall, in which students pledge to a significant adult that they will graduate and they identify specific reasons why graduation is important to them.  Hundreds of student have pledged to graduate, at school assemblies, youth conferences, and online at
As an incentive for students taking the pledge, Optimum Cable donated 12 I-pod Touches to GMM.  The OPI is now holding monthly drawings for the I-pod Touch as well as other gift cards – winners will be drawn from the names of students who have pledged to graduate. The first drawing is January 15, 2012. For more information on supporting students taking the pledge, contact Thea Whalen at 444-5643 or

For more information, contact Thea Whalen, 444-5643