Office of the Superintendent

Chapter 55 review update

Monday, October 31, 2011, 5:12 pm

The Chapter 55 Review Task Force met October 13 and 14 and accomplished 4 major pieces of work. Sections 10.55.601-606 and 10.55.800-805 ARM were voted upon through the established consensus process of the task force. This work is not complete. ARM 10.55.600-601 contain two of the other major conceptual decisions made by the task force.  In particular, ARM 10.55.604 Variance to Standards through Innovative Practices will be rewritten and the task force agreed to the concept presented by a subcommittee that is intended to address the issue of greater flexibility through a Alternative Standards Request process.  Secondly, ARM 10.55.606 Performance Based Accreditation was defined conceptually through a proposal made by Lance Melton, MTSBA Executive Director and task force member.  Finally, the subcommittee on Teacher and School Leader Evaluation Framework submitted draft language for the task force to consider and possibly take action at their December 13 and 14 meeting in Helena.

To review this work, go to  In the left column there is a PowerPoint Presentation that covers the work to date of the task force along with the draft Teacher and School Leader Evaluation Framework language.  In the main section of the webpage you can see the work on ARM 10.55.601-606 and 10.55.800-805 and provide feedback to the task force at the bottom of that section.

For more information, contact Dennis Parman, 406-444-5643