Office of the Superintendent

Chapter 55 review update

Monday, October 3, 2011, 5:08 pm
The Task Force has been working on blending in elements to the accreditation process that relate to performance of schools on the state tests (MontCAS), graduation rates, and dropout rates. This is data that OPI already collects and there will be no new reporting requirements as a result of revisions to Chapter 55.

Another major piece of the Task Force’s work is to develop a process that provides flexibility for schools in Montana to meet standards. A subcommittee of the Task Force was formed in September to consider ways to provide for this flexibility by revising the alternative to standards request rule.

Finally, an easy to read public, web-based reporting format is being pursued where color coding is used to clearly indicate where a school is relative to each criteria used in that school's accreditation process.

Initial decisions were made at the September work session, with more definitive decisions planned in October as the Task Force closes in on its goal of having initial draft recommendations for the state superintendent in December 2011, and the Board of Public Education in January 2012.

The Task Force will be looking for your feedback on the draft changes to the standards. A link to the draft recommendations on the Standards of Accreditation will be sent out soon that will allow you to read the proposed changes, and consider what these new standards will mean for you, your students and your school and provide feedback to the Task Force. Please be on the lookout for a communication from OPI to be coming out soon.

For more information, contact Dennis Parman, 406-444-5643