Office of the Superintendent

Education is an Important Montana Solution for Montana Jobs

Friday, October 1, 2010, 11:33 am

Last month, Superintendent Juneau spoke to business leaders from Montana and across the globe at the Montana Economic Development Summit about the importance of continuously improving the caliber of students graduating from our schools.

"By convening this series of historic summits, Senator Max Baucus has created a defining moment in our state and in our nation," said Juneau.  "We cannot squander this opportunity to connect CEOs and businesses with the work of schools.  When we have strong schools, we will have a strong economy." 

"We rely on public education to do a great many things.  It is the great equalizer.  It is the last public endeavor we have in America that is open to ALL.  Public education proves that America is still the land of opportunity – that everyone can still achieve greatness and live their dreams.

Accomplishing a quality education for every child, however, requires unprecedented collaboration among all stakeholders.  We are a system in which all the parts affect and depend on the others and solutions to our challenges must be systemic solutions that include all of us working together. 

With your participation, we can fulfill society’s promise to all children.   Together –families, businesses and schools - we will accomplish extraordinary things for every child in Montana." 

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