Office of the Superintendent

Graduation Matters Montana Student Advisory Board

Friday, October 1, 2010, 3:30 pm

The Office of Public Instruction is forming the state’s first Student Advisory Board to the State Superintendent.  The Student Advisory Board will be comprised of high school students.   To kick off this historic effort, the advisory board will participate in a one-day summit on November 12th, 2010 in Helena.

The first initiative the Student Board will focus on is called Graduation Matters Montana. As you may know, during the 2008-2009 school year 2,432 Montana students dropped out of school.  Montana ranks 6th in the nation for the percentage of teens age 16 to 19 who are not enrolled in school, as well as those are not high school graduates. 

Preventing dropouts and successfully helping students who have already dropped out to reenter and graduate from high school are complex undertakings.  No one knows this issue with the same perspective as our young people. 

We are looking for a Student Advisory Board comprised of students who:

1.      are currently enrolled in your high school

2.      represent both urban and rural schools

3.      comprise an even mix of gender

We would like to involve students who may not normally be a part of a student board or council.  Please consider students who are willing to actively participate in the Student Advisory Board.

For example, students who:

1.      may be at risk of dropping out of school

2.      have dropped back in

3.      attend alternative school

Please identify a maximum of four students from your high school.


Once students are selected please nominate them by sending one paragraph explaining why you believe the student(s) would be a good fit for the advisory board.  Send information to Rachael DeMarce, Office of the Superintendent at .


Once the student(s) is nominated, please ask them to visit the Montana Office of Public Instruction home page  The direct link is

and will appear in the right top corner under Spotlight On.  The nominee will need to complete a brief application online for selection purposes by October 11th.  This should take approximately 30-60 minutes.


Nominators and students will know if the student(s) is selected by October 18th.


Please note the student(s) will need an adult to accompany them to the student summit dinner in Helena on November 11th and the summit on November 12th.


The home district of each student(s) will be required to provide a chaperon to supervise student board members during non-meeting times.  Districts will be reimbursed for the student(s) and chaperon(s) by the Office of Public instruction for all travel, lodging, and meals not provided.

For more information, contact Faith Moldan, 444-5643