Office of the Superintendent

New this Fall – Teacher and Principal Evaluation Survey

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 10:22 am

This fall the OPI Annual Data Collection includes survey questions relating to the processes school systems use for the evaluation of teachers and principals.  The survey asks for information on where the school system defines the formal written evaluation process for teachers and principals; the frequency of evaluations for tenured and non-tenured teachers and principals; the components of the evaluation instrument; how the district uses the results of the evaluation in making decisions relating to teacher and principal development, compensation, promotion, retention, and removal; and whether the district determines an overall performance rating for teachers and principals.  Districts will access the survey using the Citrix user names and passwords provided by OPI for 2010-11.  A PDF of the survey questions is posted on the OPI website at: .  Click on the District tab.

The survey responses are due to OPI on October 26 along with the other responses to the Annual Data Collection.

For more information, contact Steve York, Assistant Superintendent, 406-444-4434