Office of the Superintendent

Coming Soon: Contemporary, Full-Featured E-mail Communications

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 10:21 am

The Office of Public Instruction is pleased to announce that a new, contemporary, full featured, e-mail communication tool geared specifically to improve communication beyond the "Official Email" system to provide broader outreach will be coming soon.

In addition to the critical items that OPI must make sure districts receive (e.g., information about legal deadlines that affect the whole district) as "Official Email," the new tool will allow the OPI to send email in HTML format as well as text format and will be available to anyone who elects to signs up for a variety of categories of e-mail communications.  The new e-mail format will contain information important to teachers, administrators, education support staff and community members and will be released in the coming weeks.

The increased communications options will benefit schools by allowing your staff to opt-in to receive information such as school finance updates, best practices and current research and news related to education in Montana as needed. There will be electronic publications useful to parents and members of the public who want to receive information about the work of the Office of Public Instruction.

Watch for opportunities for you and your staff to sign up in your email inbox, at conferences and workshops, on the OPI Web site, and through email and listserv outreach.

For more information, contact Jessica Rhoades, 406.444.3160