Measurement and Accountability

School Staffing Project

Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 11:04 am

In partnership with Hupp Information Technologies, the OPI has been in the process of developing the first module of a new school staffing information system, a new web-based Educator Licensure system.  The system has been named the Montana State Educator Information System (MSEIS).  The system will automate and improve many tasks related to licensing educators.  This system will also provide school district personnel greater electronic access to the educator licensure system, including a feature for school administrators to inform licensure staff when schools are trying to hire someone with a pending licensure application.  The School Employment Id (SEID) will be generated for all school district employees through the MSEIS.  For teachers, the folio id will be converted to the SEID.  For non-teachers, a file upload process will generate the SEID to be used in all future school staff information collections.  The system is set to be in production this spring.  


Under the same contract with Hupp Information Technologies, a second module is being developed that will collect compensation information and personnel assignments for individual school district employees, and FTE information.  The new system will integrate with the MSEIS and will redesign and enhance the current Annual Data Collection (ADC) for schools, districts and counties to report assignments, accreditation data and highly qualified teacher status.   The new system will also associate student rosters with teaching assignments thereby creating a "Master Schedule".  Through this project, the OPI will also implement the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Course Codes, which will be the means for linking teachers to students. The plan is to have this new module in production late summer 2012. 


The OPI is currently working with a pilot group of 24 districts to develop a process for collecting actual salaries and benefits information for all district employees (SB329).  The first collection for all districts will be in the summer of 2013 during the FY2012 Trustees Financial Summary (TFS) collection. 


Exciting stuff….more information to come!  If you would be willing participate on a team to provide input on this project or if you have questions, please contact Kellee English, School Staffing Project Manager, at 406-444-1625 or

For more information, contact Kellee English, 406-444-1625