Measurement and Accountability

Four-year cohort graduation rate

Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 5:49 pm

In order to comply with assurances the state provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the OPI will be implementing a new Four-year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate based on cohort information beginning with students entering the ninth grade in the 2007-08 school year. The adjusted cohort graduation report shows the percentage of students in this cohort group who have graduated from Montana high schools in four years, modifying the numbers by those students who enter or exit the state's high school population via transfers. Students are grouped into four categories: graduates (including both early and on-time graduates), dropouts, students continuing after four years, and students transferred or otherwise removed from the cohort group.

This report will provide statewide numbers only, will be posted on the OPI website by the end of September, and will include information on student groups. This is a preliminary report, and data may change due to updated information from districts in the year end collection for 2010-11. The final report will be presented in February 2012.

In addition, districts are advised that a new "cohort graduate and dropout" certification report will be provided to AIM contacts and Authorized Representatives for review in October, along with the graduates and dropouts certification reports. Accounts to the OPI Reporting Center and access to the Cohort, Graduation and Dropout Certification reports have been assigned to the primary AIM contact in each district. An email containing the username and directions for login will be sent directly to this individual. That person has been assigned as the AIM specialist and is accountable for verifying the data in the report, making changes in AIM (if necessary), obtaining the Authorized Representative's signature, and returning the report to the OPI.

For more information, contact Scott Furois, (406) 444-3545