Measurement and Accountability

School Staffing Project

Friday, October 1, 2010, 11:22 am

The Office of Public Instruction continues its development of a school staffing information system.  This system will be capable of effectively collecting and reporting information on school staffing to include staff demographics, staff qualifications and experience, personnel assignments, compensation data, assignment data and continuing education/training data.  The scope of this project includes exchange of data with teacher preparation programs, processes for licensing educators, reporting of personnel assignments in school districts and special education cooperatives, and collecting information about compensation paid to teachers, administrators, and classified staff. Eventually, this system will replace the significant portions of the Annual Data Collection and the current Educator Licensure system.

A Business Analyst has been hired to document the current process in the Teacher Preparation & Licensure, and Employment, Personnel Assignments areas.  This document will be input to requirements for a Request for Proposals (RFP).  The area of Compensation, Salary and Benefits will be addressed by an in-house development effort. 

To date, the project staff has consulted with accounting vendors and student information system vendors utilized throughout Montana to better understand the existing systems in use by schools and districts.  We have also discussed "lessons learned" with states having already implemented their school staffing system. 

We believe this initiative will provide accurate and timely reporting, eliminate redundant data collection efforts, and an automation of existing manual processes for schools and districts.  This information will provide researchers and administrators data to determine teacher retention and turnover, and also identify patterns of teacher mobility.

For more information, contact Sharon Krzemien, 444-1641