Measurement and Accountability

Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Project

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 9:34 am

This project was funded by a US Department of Education grant last year.  The objectives of the grant are to build a data governance system and put into place a data warehouse for K-12 information. The establishment of a data warehouse and the accomplishment of the related objectives will lay the foundation for a longitudinal data system with long-lasting benefits for public education in Montana.


Since this project kicked-off in May, the SLDS Project has made progress in defining our current business view and identifying new data warehouse requirements.  The project team (consisting of a project manager and three OPI staff persons) and ESP Solutions (our contractor) have been reaching out to schools to gather their input and gather requirements.  Recently, we met with both Dillon School Districts and the Butte School District.  These districts provided valuable information and insight into their current data collection processes and we engaged in good discussions regarding how the new data warehouse can add value to their current processes.  Our plan is to continue to visit schools and districts as time and schedules allow in the next couple of months.   


The Data Governance system is also developing.  The Data Governance committee meets regularly and has representatives from key areas of OPI.  Data stewards at OPI were identified and orientation for those stewards is ongoing.   The committee will continue to form and develop processes that will help ensure that the data in the data warehouse is of good quality and that data processes are developed in accordance with best practices in the educational field. 


On August 31, September 1-2, a series of Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Solution vendors will be providing Webinars to demonstrate the functionality of their products.  Data Stewards, Business Analysts, Technical staff and other key stakeholders have been invited to participate.  The goal is to have these solutions evaluated and provide an avenue for participants to provide examples of real-life business problems they face and ideas of how a Business Intelligence tool might solve these problems and add value to their current way of analyzing data.   


All of this information will feed into the RFP that is due to be issued later this fall.  This RFP will acquire a contractor to further design, build and implement our new data warehouse. 

For more information, contact Jamey Ereth, 444-4409