Measurement and Accountability

AIM Program Participation Collection - March 1st to 26th

Monday, March 1, 2010, 10:17 am

The AIM Program Participation Collections begins March 1, 2010.  This collection focuses on data collection to identify specific student groups and participation in various state and federal programs.  This data is used in Adequate Yearly Progress calculations and for state and federal reporting purposes.  All data must be accurate as of the count date of March 9, 2010.  The OPI will perform reasonability checks with previous year's data throughout the collection and will contact schools to verify counts that differ significantly. 

The Program Participation Collection ends March 26, 2010.  It is critical that correct data be entered by this date to ensure AYP student group calculations are valid.  We ask that Test Coordinators work closely with the school's AIM Specialist to ensure the data collection is completed by the due date.

Instructions for completing the collection can be found at this link: /pub/index.php?dir=AIM/AIM%20Collections/CRT%20Program%20Participation%20Collection/

For more information, contact AIM Help Desk, 406-444-3800