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The GEMS data warehouse is expanding to include Post-Secondary data!

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 4:49 pm

As announced last year, the OPI received an additional Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grant from the US Department of Education to continue the work of the K12 data warehouse (GEMS), by expanding it to include data required to assess the college readiness of Montana students (The K20 Data Project).  

The OPI is currently reviewing proposals for a new system that will implement a Data Transport and Transcript Management System.  The specific goals of this project involve:

  • Collecting information required for the recently approved Montana standard transcript from schools and districts across Montana in a manner that is as easy for schools and districts as possible
  • Delivering that information to the OPI, ensuring that data is correct and accurate, formatting it in the state approved transcript format
  • Providing a transcript management service that will deliver transcripts in a variety of industry-standard formats to institutions of higher education, businesses, and other qualified recipients.

The OPI plans to provide three methods of transport for high school data. These methods will include a manual entry web interface for direct submission, submitting batch or flat files, and an automated transfer system for districts.  Once the successful vendor is selected, the OPI and this vendor will begin setting up meetings with each school district to determine which their preferred method of submission is.  These meetings are planned to begin in late 2013 and grant funding will cover any costs associated with working with the school district’s student information system vendor.    Although this process will be voluntary for all school districts, the OPI hopes that providing transcripts for free for all interested Montana high school students to the Montana University System will be incentive to provide this information while enhancing the State’s ability to assess college readiness.  

The OPI is soliciting volunteers from high schools and K12 schools that would be willing to pilot this project and provide volunteers that would be willing to work with us during the data transport and transcript parts of our project.  We need to begin a list of data / IT contacts (someone who can help our project with connecting to your SIS and transporting data) and a school counselor/advisor contact (someone who can help us with the electronic transcript portion of the project). 

If you are interested in being pilot school for the data transport, transcript project or both, please contact Jamey Ereth at or the K20 Data Project Business Analyst, Susan Murray at



For more information, contact Jamey Ereth, 444-4409