Information Technology Services

GEMS Data Warehouse

Monday, February 4, 2013, 11:44 am

Good news! GEMS – Iteration 4 has just been released!

You will now find dashboards, reports and drillable data for the following sets of data housed at the OPI. 

·         School Finance

o    School Budget Information – find data compiled from annual final budgets, including:  mill levies by fund, anticipated revenues by fund, and adopted budgets for each school district. 

o    Trustees Financial Summary – find annual revenues and expenditures reported by school districts.

o    Per Pupil Information – find per student revenues and expenditures as defined by the state of Montana  

o    County Finances – find revenues and disbursements from the countywide funds for schools, including the county equalization funds, county transportation funds, and the county retirement funds. 

·         Indian Education

o    Indian Education Scorecard and trends for enrollments, graduates and dropouts, CRT trends and NAEP. 

·         Transportation

o    Student Transportation Scorecard and bus utilization trends

·         Adult and Basic Education

o    Find data regarding Adult and Basic Education students served, educational gains, educational goals and the Adult and Basic Education Program Performance Report. 

·         Accreditation

o    Annual Montana Accreditation Reports

§  Reports and Data coming soon:  Accreditation History, Library Standards, Counseling Standards, Teaching Standards, Deviation Summary Report, List of Schools by Accreditation Status or Deviation, List of Schools with Variances to Standards. 


GEMS Public site: 

The public site masks or hides data for groups with fewer than 10 students to protect confidential information about individual students as required by federal law.  The data is displayed and analyzed at the state, district, and school level.  To view statewide aggregate data, you will also go to the public site.  This site does not require a login to run reports or download documentation and is located at:   You can request a secure login from the public site by downloading the GEMS Secure Access form under ‘Contact Us’. 


GEMS Secured site

The secured website displays unmasked school district data and is available only to authorized individuals, primarily Montana’s school and district officials.  This site requires a secured login and is located at:   


Reports on the secured site allow the user to see unmasked data only for the district and/or schools to which they have been given access rights.  The user is able to drill down to student level details in some cases.

For more information, contact Jamey Ereth, 444-4409