Information Technology Services


Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 11:26 am

The 'Student Achievement' domain in GEMS has been uploaded into the new data warehouse and is continues to undergo User Acceptance Testing (UAT). 

The GEMS Portal will be presented at the Assessment and Data Conference in January 2012.  Sessions will be held to present the functionality of GEMS and how to use the new web portal and business intelligence tools.  Additionally,  a keynote speaker from Microsoft will discuss data warehousing and how education can benefit from having access to longitudinal data.  An appreciation luncheon for our participating stakeholders and advisory groups is also planned.   

The design and development of the 'Student Characteristics' domain has also begun.  Data sets included in this next domain are Enrollment, Homeless, Neglected and Delinquent Students, Migrant Students and Limited English Proficient. 

The OPI extends many thanks to all of our stakeholders who have participated in the GEMS project in many ways.  We always welcome more volunteers to become part of our team and help us make GEMS a statewide success.  Contact Jamey Ereth at to sign up! 

For more information, contact Jamey Ereth, 444-4409