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Traffic Ed district applications (TE01) are due for spring and summer programs

Thursday, December 27, 2012, 1:21 pm

If your school offers traffic education and you have not yet submitted your TE01 district application for a spring and/or summer program, please useĀ OPI's Traffic Education Data & Reporting System (TEDRS) to enter and submit the required information. Your program must be approved prior to the start date of the traffic education course. You can view approved, active traffic ed programs here.

The TE03/04 Student List forms can also be entered and managed in TEDRS. If you have not yet obtained a username to access TEDRS, contact Patti Borneman via e-mail or phone (see below). You can view a users guide to TEDRS here.

If you are not able to use TEDRS to process any of these forms, please e-mail Patti to request an updated pdf form that can be filled out and printed.

For more information, contact Patti Borneman, 406.444.4432