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Traffic Education Data & Reporting System (TEDRS) simplifies reporting

Friday, November 30, 2012, 5:15 pm

More than 100 schools are entering their TE03/04 Student List forms via the Traffic Education Data & Reporting System (TEDRS). Districts across the state have found TEDRS simple to use and loaded with helpful features. The Motor Vehicle Division's driver examiners can view and print the online student lists submitted by schools, adding value to TEDRS. If you are not yet submitting your student lists online, please consider starting with your next driver's education class. View the online TEDRS Users Guide for details at Contact Patti Borneman (contact information below) for a TEDRS username.

TEDRS includes two other required forms for traffic education programs: the TE01 Program Application and TE06 Year-End Report (due before July 10). If your school offers drivers education in the spring or summer, be sure to submit your TE01 as soon as you know the program dates. When you complete the TE01 via TEDRS, don't forget to check the confirmation box and save. You will know it's been "submitted successfully" when you see that message on the screen and receive a confirmation e-mail.

For more information, contact Patti Borneman, 406.444.4432