Health Enhancement and Safety

Verification packets

Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 4:35 pm

School lunch applications require annual verification.  An instruction packet will be sent to your district by School Nutrition Programs in September.  The packet includes information that will help you verify the income of a select group of applications starting October 1.

Work now to organize meal applications into four groups of eligiblity approval - direct certified, elgibile for free meals based on income or case number, eligible for reduced price meals, and denied.  Reduce the number of applications to verify by directly certifying families receiving SNAP (food stamps.)

You will have until November 15th to complete verification of income on selected applications.  Please be diligent with follow-up by documenting contact with the family and by doing your best to achieve a 100% response rate.

For more information, contact School Nutrition Programs, 406-444-2501