School Finance

FY 2014 First Semester Transportation Claim Forms Due

Thursday, January 30, 2014, 1:32 pm

By February 15, 2014, school districts must electronically submit first semester transportation claim forms TR-6 Bus Route Reimbursement and TR-5 Individual Transportation Contract Reimbursements to the OPI online Pupil Transportation Program.  In addition, a hard copy of each claim form must be signed by the board chair and submitted to the county superintendent. A copy of the signed claim form must be maintained at the district.

By February 22, 2014, the county superintendent must electronically authorize each district’s TR-5 and TR-6 for the first semester.

Upon receipt of the electronic claims and authorization, OPI will verify and disburse the approved amount of state reimbursement for first semester transportation.  Payments will be made on March 28, 2014.  Upon receipt of the electronic state payment report, the county superintendent orders the payment of the county reimbursement for first semester transportation on the basis of the state reimbursement.

For more information, contact Donell Rosenthal, (406) 444-3024