School Finance

School Finance Division Administrator, Denise Ulberg, taking new position

Monday, March 5, 2012, 9:26 am

Denise Ulberg, the OPI's School Finance Division Administrator announced she is leaving the agency at the end of March to become the Executive Director of the Montana Association of School Business Officials (MASBO).  Denise has been with the OPI for ten years and has served as the administrator for School Finance for seven of those years.  Her expertise in managing the annual distribution of K-12 base aid to school districts and special education cooperatives, providing school district personnel, county officials, the legislature and general public technical accounting assistance and training has made her an expert in K-12 funding for Montana.  The OPI will greatly miss Denise in the agency.  However, we look forward to working with her as the new MASBO Executive Director.  

Congratulations Denise!

For more information, contact Julia Dilly, 406-444-2562