School Finance

FY2011 HB645 Special Education Allowable Cost Payments - Final Amounts

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 9:40 am

General Fund Special Education Allowable Cost (SPED) payments to school districts in FY2011 are supported by two sources: 1) the state general fund as appropriated in House Bill 2 (HB2), and 2) House Bill 645 (HB645) appropriations of state general fund revenue.  The OPI will distribute the HB645 portion to districts in the Instructional Block Grant, which is included within the state's SPED payments.

Note:  Special education cooperatives do not receive Instructional Block Grant amounts, so this memo does not apply to cooperatives.

SPED payments are paid to the school district General Fund (01).  The OPI has posted a spreadsheet to show the final amount of FY2011 Special Education Allowable Cost Payments supported by funds appropriated in House Bill 645.  The spreadsheet is located on the OPI website at this link:  /pdf/SchoolFinance/Entitle/FY11_HB645_SPED_ARRA.pdf.

HB645 SPED funds will be paid as part of the October 2010 SPED payment to districts.  The official email for the October state funding payments will include instructions for the proper accounting of HB645 SPED funds.  Special education cooperatives are not affected by this payment.

Please contact Donell Rosenthal at (406) 444-3024 if you have problems accessing the spreadsheet.

Accounting questions should be directed to Rebecca Phillips at (406) 444-0783 or

For more information, contact Denise Ulberg, 406 444-1960