School Finance

FY2010-11 Indirect Cost Rate Applications due April 30

Thursday, April 1, 2010, 3:12 pm

Districts that plan to charge indirect costs (e.g. general administration, accounting services, and personnel services) to FY2010-11 federal and state grant award using an indirect cost rate must complete an indirect cost application form. Application for an indirect cost rate does not increase the amount of the grant award.


Please submit your indirect cost application by April 30, 2010.


Indirect cost rate application forms and resources for FY2010-11 are posted on the OPI



Indirect Cost Rate Cover Letter (please read):


Indirect Cost Rate Instructions:


Schedule A, which shows preliminary rates:


Certification form:



If you intend to reclassify costs to adjust your indirect cost rate, please read the indirect cost rate instructions carefully. For your convenience, costs that may be reclassified are highlighted in blue. We have also created a reclassification calculator for aiding in the determination of your adjusted indirect cost rate. The calculator is located on the OPI website at: /PUB/PDF/SchoolFinance/Acct/FY11IDCCalc.xls

For more information, contact Paul Taylor, 444-1257