Educational Opportunity and Equity Division

Innovative Solutions Newsletter

Friday, April 25, 2014, 10:44 am

The Instructional Innovations Unit and the School Support Unit are proud to announce the launch of a monthly online Innovative Solutions Newsletter.

The newsletter will be based on the components within The Montana Literacy Plan (MLP). The MLP provides guidance for districts, schools and early childhood centers as they plan for comprehensive literacy instruction and assessment. A school’s curriculum must be grounded in the Montana Common Core Standards (MCCS) and delivered with research-based instructional strategies that meet the needs of all learners. The MLP outlines systemic processes for educational leaders towards the improvement of student literacy outcomes which include a comprehensive assessment system to inform the decision-making and action goal setting processes.

The Innovative Solutions Newsletter provides current evidence-based resources and tools to support schools as they implement the MLP to increase student literacy outcomes. The following components will be highlighted each month: Leadership, Standards, Instruction, and Assessment.  

The MLP and a brief video outlining its contents are available for download on our website at the following links:



If you would like to be a regular subscriber to the newsletter, please enter your email on the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) subscriptions website at, check the Innovative Solutions Newsletter, and click on Subscribe. 

For more information, contact Kathi Tiefenthaler, 444-1872