Educational Opportunity and Equity Division

SIG Tier III Grants

Sunday, September 29, 2013, 11:23 am

The 2013-14 School Improvement Grants (SIG) for Tier III schools have been approved.  SIG Tier III schools are those elementary schools that feed into a SIG Tier I high school.  These SIG Tier III grants are from Title I 1003(g) funds.  These grants are continuation grants and are not competative.  However, this is the final year of the continuation grant.  Schools receiving the SIG Tier III grants are:  Ashland K-6:  $121,972; Ashland 7-: 8 $50,000; Frazer K-6:  $148,848; Frazer 7-8: $50,000; Lame Deer K-6:  $709,094; Wyola K-6:  $177,791; and Wyola 7-8:  $50,000.

For more information, contact Jack O'Connor, 4064443083