Educational Opportunity and Equity Division

Migrant Education Program receives Incentive Grant for Math MATTERS Consortia

Friday, September 28, 2012, 2:18 pm
The Office of Public Instruction's Title 1 Part C Migrant Education Program has received a $60,000 Consortia  Incentive Grant from the United States Department of Education Office of Migrant Education for its involvement with the Consortia known as "Math MATTERS": Math Achievement through Technology, Teacher Education , and Research -based Strategies.  The funded proposal was designed in response to substantial needs identified in migrant students in the lead state of Texas and the consortium receiving states of Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin.  The grant's goals, measurable outcomes and activities were designed for the most mobile students enrolled in summer programs.  The overarching goal of the project is to improve the math skills of migrant students through scientifically- based instruction, technology integration, professional development and parent involvement.  The Consortia will develop an innovative, needs-based primary grade summer math program that will result in increased math skills of K-6 migrant students, innovative delivery of instruction using video and online networking and content-based lesson assessments.  Math MATTERS will also provide lessons and courses to middle school, secondary students and out-of-school youth to promote graduation and college and career readiness.  Professional development will be provided to all migrant summer teachers and tutors through the grant to ensure fidelity to the cognitively guided instructional strategies used in the curriculum.  Activities will be created for involving and training migrant parents to promote math learning in school and in the home. 

For more information, contact Angela Branz-Spall, 406 444-2423