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Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 8:52 am

Instructional Innovations Unit Website

San Francisco, CA- (01/28/11) WestEd announced 26 winners for Implementation Awards to integrate the resources from Doing What Works (DWW) into their professional learning or school improvement support processes. Montana’s Office of Public Instruction was one of the awardees.  The goal of the awards is to develop a deeper understanding of how educators can better integrate evidence-based educational resources, such as those offered by DWW, into their everyday work.


The objective of the grant is to provide usable resources to support teachers and principals in enhancing instruction in all Montana classrooms.  

To address the challenges of high-quality professional development (PD) and geographic distance, the Instructional Innovations Unit at the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is integrating the Doing What Works resources into an already existing online infrastructure. The technological structure for this PD delivery system is already in place, developed and used successfully through the Montana Reading First program.  This strong Internet-based delivery system of PD already includes video clips and lessons, webinars, links, and online training and support and is in the beginning stages of being utilized by all Montana educators.

 The DWW resources will greatly enhance and expand the OPI’s current PD content. Keep checking the website for updated resources.


For more information, contact Debbie Hunsaker, 406-444-0733