Educational Opportunity and Equity Division

Title I Part A Regular and ARRA funds from the school year 2009-2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010, 3:15 pm

In a webinar earlier this school year, we informed districts that waivers are available to districts that will have more than the allowed 15% carry-over in Title I Part A Regular and ARRA funds from the school year 2009-2010 allocations.  We'd like to now remind all districts of the availability of these waivers and ask that districts submit those requests in a short written letter signed by the Authorized Representative since we did not set up an electronic process for that purpose.  The 15% limitation will be applied as of September 30, 2010 if a waiver is not requested.  The deadline for a waiver request is September 1, 2010.
The 15% limitation applies to the original allocations in Title I Part A in both Regular and ARRA funds added together (before carryover or reallocated funds were approved into the budget, if any).  If it is unclear what those original allocation amounts were, the simplest way to check is by going to the Final Allocation Bulletin posted on the OPI website under Federal Programs at the following link.  Remember that in your E-Grants Consolidated application, many districts apply for both an elementary and a high school district allocation so the grand total in your budgets will reflect both of those allocations for both Regular and ARRA added together.  You need to add the combined elementary and high school allocations together (if you have both in the same Consolidated application before calculating your 15% limitation.  Districts that receive under $50,000 in total are not subject to the 15% limitation.




Your district may carryover up to 15% of the combined total allocation for school year 2009-2010.  Be sure to check if you budgeted some funds in the Schoolwide budget for either Regular or ARRA since some of your total funds will be found there.  You will also likely have funds in both the Regular and ARRA Title I A Basic budgets (or all of your funds will be there if you don't have any Schoolwide programs in your district.)  Remember that funds left over from other programs that may have been transferred into a Schoolwide budget will go back as carryover to the original programs from which they were transferred.  Those other program funds transferred into a Schoolwide budget also do not increase the original Title I Part A allocation on which the 15% limit is calculated.
This waiver is available to any district once every three years.  Only four districts in Montana have requested such a waiver in the last three years.  Due to the additional ARRA funding, the OPI is allowed to request a one-time waiver from the U.S. Department of Education so that we can allow those districts to have another waiver at this time.  We will inform those four districts individually when we have been approved for that federal waiver. 
A suggested template for the wording of your letter is as follows.  Use the name and Legal Entity of the prime applicant district if two districts applied together as a system in E-Grants.
"Blank School District, LEXXXX, would like to request a waiver of the 15% limitation on the ESEA Title I, Part A carryover, which is allowable every three years.  Please waive the carryover limitation for the 2009-2010 school year to allow Title I, Part A funds (including those under ARRA) to be carried over into the 2010-2011 school year."


You may address your letter as follows.

BJ Granbery, Title I Director/Division Administrator

Division of Educational Opportunity and Equity

Montana Office of Public Instruction

PO Box 202501

Helena, MT 59620-2501


If you have questions, please call Jack O'Connor, Assistant Title I Director, at 444-3083 or email him at JO'  Or contact Sunni Hitchcock, Title I Accounting Specialist, at 444-3408, or email her at

For more information, contact Jack O'Connor, 444-3083