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Next steps in the Big Sky Pathways process--second year meetings

Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 5:39 pm

The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) and the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) are pleased to extend an invitation to public high schools funded through Perkins to join Perkins-funded colleges for the Big Sky Pathways workshops being held in regional areas throughout the state.  The ultimate goal of these Pathway initiatives include smooth transitions from high school to work or college; enhancing academic momentum; decreasing remediation rates; and increased persistence and graduation rates.

The day and a half Big Sky Pathway workshop will let you take the pathway you developed last year and refine it to meet all State and Federal Perkins requirements to elevate your program and your students to the next level.  If you did NOT participate last year, do not despair.  OCHE and OPI staff will work with you to bring you up to speed with a quality Big Sky Pathway for your students.  You will be provided tools to make your task easier and to produce a quality final product.  Be prepared to evaluate your Big Sky Pathway and make improvements, if necessary.

Why is it important to attend? This process is the foundation for all future Big Sky Pathway initiatives and is a key step in this multi-year project.  All future initiatives will require this process before funding future pathway activities.  Continued Perkins funding to school districts and institutions will depend on alignment of Programs of Study that meet federal requirements.  For Montana, this process is developing a Big Sky Pathway.

Who should attend this workshop? Big Sky Pathway Teams for existing or new pathways will include the following: a college CTE faculty member; for each high school pathway, the following team members will include: one CTE teacher, one academic teacher, one counselor per pathway; for high schools offering more than one pathway, teams may have to share academic teachers and counselor team members.

Credit Opportunities:  OPI Renewal units or one (1) Graduate Credit offered for $150 through Montana State University, Billings.
Reimbursement:  Most costs to attend the workshop will be reimbursed by the postsecondary partners in coordination with OCHE.  Specific details about reimbursement are located on the Montana Big Sky Pathway website or by contacting
Registration DEADLINE: September 28, 2011

Questions or to learn more:  A Webinar Training Session is scheduled for 3:30 PM on Tuesday, September 13. This session will be recorded and available for viewing after the 13th.  For more information and to register online for these workshops, please contact


October 10-11 in Great Falls

October 12-13 in Havre

October 26-27 in Kalispell

November 7-8 in Billings

November 9-10 in Miles City

November 14-15 in Missoula

December 5-6 in Helena

December 7-8 in Butte

For more information, contact Diana Fiedler, Accountability Specialist, 406.444.9019