Career Technical and Adult Education

FY2011 State Career & Vocational/Technical Education Payments

Monday, November 1, 2010, 12:18 pm

The FY2011 State Career and Vocational/Technical Education allocation payments have been finalized and were automatically deposited with your county treasurer's office on Monday, November 1, 2010.  You can find the payment report on the OPI web site under Finances & Grants, then click on Payments to Schools and Coops.  The information is also posted on the Secondary CTE web page. 

State allocations are based on a formula that factors:

1.  Student enrollment in career and technical education classes;

2.  Extended contracts for career and technical education instructors;
3.  Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) chapters and student membership;
4.  District career and technical education expenditures

The enrollment, extended contract and CTSO information comes from the 'Career and Technical Education Student Participation Reports' your district submits to our office each February.  The district expenditures are determined from financial reports sent to the Office of Public Instruction.  Only CTE programs that meet the general guidelines in the Montana Standards and Guidelines for Career and Vocational/Technical Education are included in the CTE enrollment factor.  Enrollment calculations are based on Montana Accreditation Standard 10.55.906, ARM which defines a credit as 225 minutes per week for one year.

State CTE funds are intended to supplement existing district budgets in the area of career and technical education.  Examples of approved uses of state CTE funds are:  CTE teacher salaries for extended contracts, stipends to CTE teachers for supervision of CTSO's, instructional supplies and/or instructional equipment used in an approved program, instruction-related travel expenses for an approved CTE program or CTSO, repair, maintenance and leasing of instructional equipment for an approved CTE program.

For more information, contact Diana Fiedler, Accountability Specialist, 406-444-9019